The Suncrest School of Leadership is a partnership with Northwest University providing high quality online schooling along with real life, hands on ministry experience!
This partnership is with Northwest Universities NPP Program (Detailed below)

The Northwest University Partnership Program (NPP) is a unique partnership between Northwest University (NU) and  Suncrest Worship that allows NU to offer associate, bachelors, and masters degrees with the highest level of accreditation as an integrated part of Suncrest Worships Internship / Leadership development program. Through the NPP, students earn college credits toward AA, BA and MA degrees that can be completed at Suncrest Worship School of Leadership's NPP, at NU's Kirkland Campus, or even transferred to another public or private college or university! All while students serve in this local internship program. The NPP combines what NU does best (academics), with the ministry training we do best (internships), all in the highly-supportive relational environment of our church!

Don't forget that undergrad ministry majors get 50% off tuition!
This is the amazing part - anyone can be part of the School of Leadership!

If God has given you a call to vocational ministry or a deep passion to develop your leadership in a particular area of church leadership, we are here to help!

This can mean serving in a deeper way in a ministry area at Suncrest Worship as an Intern
This can mean pursuing higher education as well as interning in your chosen Focus Area
Suncrest School of Leadership Students could be:
  • Recent HS Graduates who want to start their college career while serving in their home town
  • Students in their gap year who aren't sure what to do next can find purpose, life-training and impactful relationships as NPP Students
  • Any student who wants an excellent education based on Christian beliefs and values
  • Students looking for a lower cost option
  • Adult learners who want to finish a degree started years before
  • Graduate students, who would like continued development in ministry experience and spiritual development
  • Staff and volunteers at Suncrest Worship who want to pursue or finish a degree but have felt like going to school isn't an option with work and family life - There are online options!

Well, that depends on where you feel God leading you!

If you don't feel a leading to a specific area, we recommend doing a "serve team tour" where our team leads will work with you to serve one month at a time in each ministry area learning some of the ins and outs so that you can determine which area fits your passion and gifting most.

If you feel a calling to a specific area:
Year 1 |    Your area lead will have you jumping in to serve in a variety of ways throughout the year
Year 2 |    You will continue serving in your Focus Area but will get many more opportunities to lead in a variety of ways
The Undergrad NPP program costs $323 per credit
Graduate NPP Programs cost between $595-$836 per credit program dependent
All NPP Students pay a $1300 Program Fee per semester

As part of the Suncrest School of Ministry, $500 of that Program Fee per semester will come back to the student as a Housing Stipend
while the other $800  will cover events and leadership development resources
What Degree's are offered in the NPP Program?
Undergraduate Programs
Certificate in Ministry Leadership
Associate Degree in Ministry Leadership
Associate in Arts
BA in Psychology
BA in Organizational Management
BA in Organizational Leadership
BA in Ministry Leadership
BA in Interdisciplinary Studies
BA in Humanitarian Leadership
BA in Communication
BA in Business Management
Graduate Programs
MA Leadership Studies
MA Bible and Theology
Master in Ministry
Master of Business Administration
MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling
MA International Community Development
MA International Community Economic Development
MS Data Analysis and Research Psychology
MA in Teaching
STEP 1 |
Apply to Suncrest School of Leadership
STEP 2 |
Apply to Northwest University
STEP 3 |
Apply for Financial Aid
STEP 4 |
NU Acceptance & Account Setup
STEP 5 |
Academic Advising & Course Registration
STEP 6 |
Come to Nine Mile Falls, Join our church and prepare for classes!